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I'm an avid DIYer and always have to have a project in progress. Over the years I've gathered a wealth of knowledge about many different subjects as a result of my DIY nature.


While I'm always working on a project I make sure I also have a queue of project concepts for me to check out should I complete or grow tired of the projects at hand. Below I have a few of the project concepts that excite me.

Arduino Smart Home

Arduino based home automation via IR LEDs and web interface/mobile app for wireless controll over your house and it's settings. For example I've been working towards controlling some lights and my speaker volume.

EL Wire Costume

Imagine having totally black costume (or hoodie) covered in creative shapes made out of Electroluminescent Wire with smart sensors that control the EL wire.

RFID Entry

I've been dreaming of implementing RFID into my door at home and possibly even my car. Someday I might even get an RFID implant in my hand too!

Arduino Robot

I've been slowly working on an arduino based robot and am still developing various concepts for the types of functions it may have.


A little about me

I'm 18, have a passion for productivity and accomplishment. I'm currently a student at Bellevue College and live in the greater Seattle area. I've been fascinated with technology for as long as I can remember and have made it an integral part of my lifestyle. I'm a member of StudentRND in Bellevue where I go to socialize, work on projects and attend meetups. I've taught myself about the ins and outs of computers from programming to integrated circuits. I'm currently searching for a job to kickstart my career with computers.

Why work with me?

I'm hard working, focused, innovative, motivated and goal oriented. I'm a humanist who can socialize comfortably because I have a profound respect for people. I thrive from accomplishment and constantly push myself in all the right ways to grow as an individual. I'm a dreamer and I don't shy away from difficult challenges.

My skills

Community Managment

Hobby Electronics (soldering & Arduino)

Mechanical Work

Mobile Development

Leadership Skills

“Be the change you want to see in the world.” - Mahatma Gandhi


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